• 05.12.2015 17:08:12

BMTH show in Kyiv

First time in Ukraine the show of British band Bring Me The Horizon was held on the stage of the Palace of sports in Kyiv.

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  • 03.12.2015 20:08:33

National TV awards Teletriumph

An awarding ceremony for winners of the National Award "Teletriumph" was held.

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  • 30.11.2015 16:14:00

Final show of LOBODA tour

The LOBODAs Ukrainian tour "Time to go home" was finished by grand show in National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" with technical support by Zinteco.

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  • 27.11.2015 16:50:30

M1 Music Awards

The M1 Music Awards ceremony at the venue of Palace of sports in Kyiv.

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