10th MMA tournament
    25.03.2018 13:13:44
    Deriugina cup 2018
    15.03.2018 14:34:24
    XX International FS&GR&FW Tournament
    13.02.2016 15:26:00
    Word Fencing Championship
    14.04.2012 16:20:32

    Maintenance of sports competitions

    Sports competitions require a specific approach to technical equipment primarily concerned the proper zoning to accommodate a large number of spectators, especially during competitions outdoors, usually not adapted to this. No less important aspect is the quality, uniform illumination that is comfortable for both spectators and participants of the competition, systems of sound enhancing, scoring and display results with some specifics for each competition A large number of technical specifications relating to the specifics of certain types of competitions and special wishes of the organizers are taken into account by our specialists when designing such events.

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